About Mrs. Geib:

I absolutely love teaching and learning. I love to come to work every day and be with the students. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to find a kindred spirit in the pursuit of excellence and education,Mr. Wulff, and transferred to Saticoy Elementary to work in concert with him. We believe in project based teaching that is authentic, engaging, and disciplined. We want to converge all varieties of subject areas into a culminating theme.
All right, a bit more about me. I am a first generation American; my mother is Danish and my father is Serbo-Croatian. I was born in Chicago, and spent my primary years living in Los Angeles. I have lived long term in Denmark twice; once when I was 12 for middle school, and another time when I was 19 to attend an organic cooking school. I attended UC Berkeley and studied International Relations with a minor in Education. I also have a Master's Degree from UCLA in Education, along with a BCLAD (bilingual) certificate. Some of my hobbies include reading, cycling, going to museums, and swimming. My two daughters, Julia (3 years) and Elizabeth Anne (8 months), also keep me extremely busy. Elizabeth Anne has just started learning to crawl and so I am constantly on the lookout as to her whereabouts- inevitably she can find an electrical cord or chokable item anywhere in a room in less than a minute. My husband, Mr. Geib, is a teacher at Foothill Technology, and we spend most of our time being parents and preparing for the classroom. Most of our conversations are about school, best teaching practices, and what is for dinner.
Currently, Mr. Wulff and I have had the opportunity to share a classroom and a job at the Ventura district office.When we are not teaching, we are assisting other teachers with designing engaging lessons, creating assessments to target instruction, and making innovative projects for our students. Therefore we are part time in the classroom and part time going to different schools, but fully engaged in our students' needs. It has been a wonderful way to merge our knowledge, skills, and abilities within the classroom and be inspired and have time to create more curriculum.

About Mr. Wulff: