Our expectations are simple, straightforward, and logical:
Common Sense and Mutual Respect

It is extremely important to us that students use their common sense and are able to problem solve. Moreover, we want students to work collaboratively in a helpful manner, contributing to each other's learning.

The common sense expectation refers to many classroom situations. If a student does not a have a pencil or a piece of paper, we would like the student to solve that problem, i.e., walk up and get a piece of paper, borrow a pencil from a friend, get a pencil from the spare container in the classroom. If a student has a question, we would like the student to not interrupt, as in complete sentences, and wait until the appropriate time. Basically, the students need to really consider their needs and help to meet their needs by independent thinking and action. Students can go to the bathroom when they need to.

Mutual respect is a critical element in room 2. In fact, it is a theme that pervades all instruction and a way of being. Students are asked to be polite, use approrately kind language, and be sensitive to others' possessions. It is not okay for other students to take away from learning, which ranges from cruel or insensitive commentary to calling out or being rude. We care very much about our students, and in essence, they are 'our kids'. Each student behavior directly and indirectly affects everyone in the classroom. Moreover, in a classroom with 32 students, (which doesn't seem it will get smaller any time soon), we need to be even more aware of our actions.

Consequences will directly relate to behavior. The greatest consequence is to have a student be asked to leave the classroom, compose themselves, and return to be prepared to learn.

Any egregious behavior will involve the administration, but generally Mr. Wulff and Mrs. Geib would like to handle the situations privately and individually.